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Global Dating App Market is $300 Billion…

Monthly Active Users

Monthly Active Users

…and the Global VR Market is Expected to Grow to $12B by 2024

The VR market achieved global revenues of $1.8 B during 2020 a 31.7% increase on 2019. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is expected to be in excess of 30%. With the Virtual Reality market reaching $12B by 2024. Virtual Reality adoption has been dramatically increased due to Meta’s $10 B investment.

Both the enterprise and consumer segments are expected to profit from the forecast growth. Including the increased development of the Virtual Reality Dating sector led by Planet Theta.

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Women are Seeking a Safe Alternative to Online Dating

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Young adult women’s security concerns are uniquely addressed with Virtual Reality

Creating a safe space for women and other marginalized groups in the Metaverse 

Convenient dates from home, not just match making

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Its diffidcult to know where to invest in the metaverse. What kind of Web 3.0 investment fits you best? Web 3.0 stock? A cryptocurrency coin or stock? We think its really easy to point out the strengths of why Planet Theta’s forward motion into Virtual Reality Dating is the right fit. VR Dating in the Metaverse will take of with or without you, is this your metaverse opportunity?

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